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Anderson Consulting Services LLC

Third Party

Anderson Consultation Services, LLC offers a viable alternative for lost money on self-pay accounts. Anderson is the best company to positively impact your cash flow.

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Motor Vehicle Accident
Reimbursement Specialists

Anderson Consultation Services, LLC is a leader in Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Reimbursement. Our staff is knowledgeable in the Texas property codes and laws.

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Man in hardhat

Anderson Consultation Services, LLC now offers ACS/WorkComp to relieve the burden of getting paid for Workers' Compensation Accident Claims.

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A-quest is a comprehensive, hi-tech program used to retrieve Medicaid and Medicare numbers on the back- end, by scanning a database of registered Medicaid and Medicare recipients.

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Collection Specialists

Anderson Consultation Services, LLC has a complete collections program available for your facility. Why let delays in receiving payments negatively impact cash flow? Let us:

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