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A-Quest is an automated service designed to help you recoup payment from patients who leave without paying.

A-quest is a comprehensive, hi-tech program used to retrieve Medicaid and Medicare numbers on the back end, by scanning a database of registered Medicaid and Medicare recipients. A-quest will identify patient eligibility by processing your accounts on a regularly scheduled basis. This program is designed exclusively to yield fast results and improve that all-important bottom line. And you only pay for returned results.

HOW IT WORKS - A-quest does not change how you manage your self-pay patients at admission and does not interfere with 3rd party eligibility. We take the patient's information from you and run it through A-Quest to investigate the patient's coverage. A-Quest stores the information, and continually checks for coverage for 2 years. This ensures that patients who have or will get coverage will be found by our system. Information found by A-Quest is reported to your business on regular basis, with all needed billing information. This reduces denials and helps ensure filing deadlines are met.

A-Quest will:

  • Investigate each referred account for Medicaid/Medicare coverage.
  • Run each account weekly to provide you with fast and accurate information
  • Run each account for a 1 year period to ensure you never miss another billable account
  • Provide you with all accurate billing information in order to reduce your denials by TMHP
  • Manage these accounts on a spread sheet in the event you need additional information
  • Reduce your bad debt and charity write-offs
  • Reduce your cost by offering you the lowest rate

AN A-QUEST SUCCESS STORY - A 25-bed rural facility in Texas had an average 150 to 200 self pay “walk outs” each month. 10% +/- of those are found through A-Quest in just the first couple runs through our system. Many more coming later down the road. In this small hospital alone, we were able to recover over $237,000, cost that would otherwise be absorbed by the hospital and deeply cutting into their bottom line.

To learn more about how we can help you increase your organization’s cash flow, please contact us for a no obligation consultation and assessment.

The Solution in Texas is Anderson

Anderson Consultation Services, LLC is a Texas-based company who offers a complete program designed to obtain the highest reimbursement for self pay patients, MVA’s and worker’s comp. We are committed to the industry we serve and have been proud members of TORCH, the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals, since 2003.